Friday, 29 June 2012

Denon DBT – 1713 Universal Blu-Ray Disc Player

Built Like A Battleship with Solid and Hefty Construction to Match
Preferring to described its recently released DBT-1713 as a transport (hence the DBT designation) Denon’s latest universal disc player comes without any form of an-board decoders. All decoding is achieved in the AV receiver end which decodes the bitstream signal from the DBT-1713 via its HDMI output. The DBT- 1713 plays Bluray, DVD, SACD, CD and DVD- Audio discs.
Built like the proverbial battleship with a solid construction to match the DBT – 1713 is commensurately heavy weighing in at 5 kg.

The DBT – 1713 is however not just all good looks and boasts several serious audio/videophile features such as a fully shielded mechanism to separate the two key signals from each other. In addition, the audio and video segments are built onto separate blocks, further isolating any form of spurious electrical interference.

According to Denon as the DBT-1713 eschews most of the heat generating decoding electronics found in other Bluray disc players the heat generated is minimal.

This has enabled Denon engineers to dispense with the use of of fans which means its operation level is almost noiseless.

Key Input and Outputs (1x HDMI + 1x Ethernet)
In This Case, Less is More
The rear panel, perhaps as a direct result of its transport status is comparatively sparsely populated comprising of only one HDMI socket and Ethernet socket each. There is also a pair of analogue audio output intended for multizone application although it is not clear how one’s to do that.

A quick preview reveal that the picture quality of DBT-1713 is a high cut above most of the BD players of its class; being highly detailed and sharp yet surprisingly organic and rich looking with a gorgeous colour pallatte to boot.

Much the same can be said of the sound in both stereo as well as multichannel mode though I suspect the audio purists may well have something to say about it because it is only available via the digital HDMI connector.

Nevertheless we applaud its effective simplicity and in this case it is a matter of less is better. If you are looking for a high performance solidly engineered universal disc player for optimum performance in both home theatre and musical modes the DBT-1713 should be at the very top of your shopping list.

The DBT – 1713 which retails for RM2,199.00 can be auditioned at the KL International AV Show 2012 at Wo Kee Hong Trading's room at level 4, JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from July 20 – 22.

For more information on the Denon DBT-1713 please contact Jason Ng at 012 325 0577

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