Tuesday, 3 July 2012

KL International AV Show 2012 Limited Edition Commemorative Audiophile CD

Virtually all of the great  Hi-Fi and AV Shows around the world, particularly in the Far East, produces a CD to be given away as door gift.
This year at the KL International AV Show 2012, July 20 – 22, the organizer, celebrating 19 years of organizing Hi-Fi/AV Shows for the AV Industry says a specially compiled Limited Edition Commemorative CD will be given to every paying visitor.  The special CD is not for sale nor has the entry ticket price been raised.  It remain at RM10.00 as it has been since  1994.  Organiser  Dick Tan says, “ The Commemorative CD is a long time coming.  It is not that a special CD hasn’t  been in our mind but the sheer logistics involved in actually acquiring one has, quite  honestly, put us off, year after year “.
According to Tan, that sad scenario would have remained quite unchanged had it not been for one man,  Joseph Ki -  architect, music lover and audiophile extraordinaire.  Known to friends affectionately  as  Jo  Ki  (pronounced   Jo Kee), Jo is also  the founder of the LS3/5A club where proponents and lovers of the famous small speaker hold court.

Jo Ki, in his calm and collected manner energetically handled all issues that had previously plagued any attempts to produce this Show CD and  these included following up doggedly on difficult copyright issues, painstakingly assessing and writing each track’s audio synopsis and following through with the actual production of the CD.

Inspite of the ‘load’ that was on our shoulders,  we were agreed that if we are to give a CD away we will have to make it the best possible.

All tracks found in the Commemorative CD are sourced  from the highest possible resolution master before being down sampled to CD redbook 16 bit/44.1 khz CD standard.

Every track is carefully selected for their astute music content,  high standard of recording  and are thus excellent materials for testing and gauging audio systems.

The Limited Edition Commemorative CD, the organizer hopes, will be the first of many and in the years to come will be a much sought after collector’s item among audiophiles.