Tuesday, 10 July 2012

JVC New Lifestyle Audio Series

JVC, after what appears to be a long self imposed hiatus is back this year with a brand new range of gorgeous lifestyle audio systems that will give the likes of Bose and B & O a true hard run for their money.

Expect to see a one (1) box audio design such as the floorstanding BX system that has a large table like top with an integrated dock for the iPod, iPhone or even an iPad. There is also a composite video output.

Available in Gloss Black or White Finish
Available in either an attractive white or black the BX system also features an optical input, an coaxial input and a pair of good old fashion RCA style analogue input. Driving a pair of full range speakers is a built-in 60 watts stereo amplifier.

The BX system measures 500 x 550 x 400mm.

For those where styling, compactness and performance are crucial requirements of a personal audio system the NX – SA7/SA1 maybe just the system they should seriously be looking at.

With a unique form factor that almost resemble a ‘coffee maker’ the NX – SA7/SA1 features an easy set-up system with a very small ‘footprint’ designed to take up precious little space.

Music with your coffee, anyone?

In addition to iPhone the NX – SA7/SA1 also provides playback capability for USB devices, FM radio and CD.

As a ‘go anywhere’ modular unit the NX-SA7/SA1 features the use of up to three full range speaker drive units located at the upper top end of its module to provide an almost 360ยบ sound Field dispersion. Bass extension is aided by a built-in downward firing subwoofer driven by a built-in 4.1 channel amplifier

Perhaps, its most interesting audio product is the TH-LB3. Essentially a compact soundbar designed primarily to enhance the limited audio performance of slim digital TVs the TH-LB3 can be described as a cross between a traditional soundbar and compact sound system.

Measuring 60cm wide the TH-LB3 features four 6.5cm full range drive units driven by a built-in 60 watts amplifer. In addition to its duty as a soundbar the TH-LB3 also comes with a dock for iPods/iPhones and comes with two HDMI inputs and one analogue output and is available in either black or white.

JVC's Reference Series 4K Projector
For the serious big picture videophile JVC will also be fielding its full range of 4K projectors featuring its unique E-Shift video upscaling technology that’s designed to optimally upscale 1080p image to look sharper and crisper at a 4K mode. According to JVC its E-Shift technology is able to scale a 1080p signal (BluRay or Astro B’yond) four times to display at a 3840 x 2160p resolution. The models in display will include the DLA –RS55 and the DLA –RS65.
To audition JVC’s new lifestyle audio system and E-Shift 4K projectors at the KL International AV Show 2012, from July 20 – 22, proceed to Lower Level Three at the JW Marriott Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

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