Monday, 16 July 2012

A Touch of Elan

Elan 10
Visitors to the Acoustic Arts rooms at 7001 and 7003, Level 7 of the JW Marriott, KL International AV Show 2012 will experience first hand the new Epos Elan Series of speaker system which comprises four models, the compact standmount Elan 10, the larger standmount Elan 15 and two floorstander, the Elan 30 and 35.

According to Epos the model numbers indicate the speaker cabinets’ internal volume in litres and effectively replaces the older Mi Series. Standard features of the new Elan speaker include a 25mm soft dome tweeter with ferrofluid cooling for high power handling capability and magnetic shielding.

Bass –midrange drivers are a 156mm unit used in both the Elan 10 and Elan 30. The latter features dual 156mm drivers. The Elan 15 and 35 comes with a larger 187mm bass-midrange unit where two are used in the Elan 35.

All Elan speakers are designed for maximum efficiency and sensitivity ratings range from a high 89db from the smallest Elan 10 to as high as 93db for the Elan 35. As such, claims Epos, the Elans can be driven by amplifiers with power output from as low as 10 watts yet accommodate amplifiers with power output as high as 200 watts.

All models also feature simple but affective 2nd order crossover filtering using only the highest quality audiophile grade crossover components .

In living up to its series name which loosely means refined, stylish and gracefulness the Elan speakers are finished in real wood veneers available in either Black Oak or Cherry finish.

Elan 35
Elan 30
Elan 15


  1. It would be very interesting to see a comparison between Elan 30 and Monitor Audio RX6 for I'm considering between these two. Local store has only Elan 'on stock' and it seemed to sound very good with only a slight bass-boom as a negative side - not too bad though.

  2. I was able to listen to both the Elan 35 and the Monitor Audio rx6 at the same store. The rx6 speakers were very good, especially considering their size, but I have to admit that they were outclassed by the beautiful Elan 35s. Smooth, dynamic highs and midrange were accompanied by well extended and deep bass. The "boominess" of the bass was entirely dependent on how close to the wall they were placed, and I found about 6" was all that was needed to mellow it a bit. Compared to the Elans, the rx6 speakers sounded bit brash and could be tiring after several hours of listening. All in all though, they are both excellent speakers for their price range.