Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Triangle Color Speaker System

Flawless Floorstanders
Maxx Audio Visual will be showcasing, among others, the exciting new Triangle Color speaker range which include a pair of Floorstander Color, Bookshelf Color and a Center channel Color.

Designed to compete in the busy entry level speaker market the Triangle Color exudes quality in both looks and performance.

Flawlessly constructed and finished the Color range is engineered to perform optimally in a hi-fi as well as home theatre set-up. They are available in selection of colors which include Red, Black, White and Yellow. Top of the Series, the Color Floorstander is a moderately large floorstanding unit measuring 965 x 188 x 275mm. It weighs a solid 16kg.

Dual 160mm mid-bass drive units sit directly below a titanium tweeter. Both mid/bass drivers feature separate, individual grilles while the tweeter is shielded from damage by a protective cover.

Triangle claim a high 90db sensitively into nominal 6 ohms which is above average and theoretically presents an easy load to most competently designed amplifiers.
Small, but packing floorstander tweeters

For those with more modestly sized rooms Triangle Color offers the more compact Color Bookshelf, a two way unit with a similar tweeter. Dimensions are 290 mm 165 x 240mm.

The Color Floorstander retails for RM5,900 per pair while the Color Bookshelf goes for RM2,800 per pair .

A Perfect Finish
Completing the Color range is the Color Centre Channel where two similar bass/midrange drives flank the same titanium tweeter. The Color Centre measures 175 x 480 x 262 mm and retails for RM2,500 each.

Maxx Audio-Visual will also be fielding exciting new products from Rythmik Audio, Audyssy Audio and Exposure H-Fi at Room 8031 at the KL International AV Show 2012, on July 20 – 22 at the JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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