Friday, 13 July 2012

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The Bryston SP3 - Taking Home Theatre to The Next Level
For the KL International AV Show 2012 , Audio Visual Designs will be fielding a super home theater demo centred around the vaunted Bryston SP3 pre-amp processor feeding into several ‘blocks’ of Bryston power amplification systems. A 7.1 channel system, the Brystons will be driving a full 7.1 suite of PMC Twenty Series speakers.

The visual aspect of this super high-end home theatre system is JVC’s RS65 D-ILA projector which is not only 3D capable but features JVC’s E-Shift scaler algorithm that will scale all video signals, whether standard or full high def, to a near 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The 4K resolution picture will be fired onto a 140” wide constant height 2.40 .1 projection screen whereby CinemaScope aspect ratio movies will be shown with no letterboxing effect and with almost no loss of resolution.

According to James Tan of Audio Visual Designs the above system was designed to deliver the ultimate in both audio and visual performance.

Tan says that every component in the chain is designed to obtain the purest of performance sonically as well as visually.

To highlight this claim, Tan pointed out that the Bryston SP3 is one of those rare, home theatre audio product that is designed by people who are highly regarded in the world of high end hi-fi.

“As such, says Tan, the SP3 is an audio only (2 as well as multichannel) pre-amp/processor and is essentially devoid of any video processing circuitry to prevent any undesirable interference on the purity of the audio signal.

The SP3 does however allow pass through of a video signal, say from a Bluray Disc player, but with no processing or scaling whatsoever. 

The Bryston B135 SST² C Integrated Amplifier
“With the Bryston SP3 the user is automatically assured of two important advantages’ says Tan. “One , as there is no video section the audio is the purest there is and two, with no processing the video signal remains equally as pure as when it is first output for the sources”. 

BHA-1 Balanced Headphone Amplifier
Also on display at the AV Design’s room are the latest series of amplification systems from Bryston which include the “fresh from the oven” B135 SST² C series integrated amplifier and the BHA -1 Balanced Headphone Amplifier.
The B135 SST² is a formidable looking beast of an amplifier being solidly constructed in the renowned, no-nonsense Bryston manner with a hefty 13.6 kg weight.

A full range of PMC speakers from the U.K. will also be on display.

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