Friday, 6 July 2012

Sharp Aquos LC-80 LE 940X LED Backlit LCD TV

Sharp, quite understandably, is basking in its glory as the leader of consumer big screen technology when it recently launched its mammoth 80” diagonal width LC-80LE 940X LED backlit LCD TV.

The Sharp big screen stable now consists of several versions of 60” LED/LCD TVs, a 70” behemoth launched last year and now this 80” super screen.

While big screen TVs are not a new development, remember the huge rear projection TV and other even bigger flatscreen designs? , the current Sharp big TVs are paving the way because they are all remarkably affordable.

Could you have imagined a 60” digital flat panel TV going for below RM6,000 just a couple of years ago? Or that the Sharp 70” LED/LCD TV can be had for below RM17,000 ?

These prices realistically suggest that high resolution big screen TVs are no longer the domain of the rich and are now available to the common man.

The new LC-80 LE 940X retail for RM28,999. If you have a fair sized living or home entertainment room and find a two piece front projection system a little too tedious, the LC-80LE 940X would prove to be the ideal big screen candidate. No replacement lamps or room ambient light control to worry about.

According to Sharp the high 1920 x 1080p resolution of its big screen TVs will enable viewers to sit closer then usual for a perfect view.

This means, says Sharp, that even a big screen TV such as its 70” LC-70LE735X, with an optimum viewing distance of only 2.5 metres can quite readily fit into most medium cost Malaysian terrace or condominium homes.

Its 80” LC-80LE940X, with more than double the screen area of a 55” TV would be ideal for slightly more premium accommodations.

Sharp’s family of big screen LED/LCD TVs can be auditioned at the coming KL International AV Show 2012 at Ballroom 2, Lower Level 3, JW Marriott Hotel, July 20 – 22.

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  1. I’ve been shopping for a new TV for my living room, and was over at a friend and co-workers house from Dish and he showed me this TV. The clarity was awesome because he has his Dish HD satellite system hooked up to it. I also noticed that this TV a Netflix app, but I do prefer to use my subscription through Blockbuster@Home through Dish instead. I find Blockbuster to be a much better value for streaming and disc rentals. I also noticed there’s no ghosting on ESPN HD (that’s mainly what I watch). I’ll have to make some comparisons with Sony before I make my final decision, but so far this TV is the way to go.