Friday, 13 July 2012

The Chord Company Mains Cable

Do cables make a difference in shaping the sonic qualities of your audio and AV system? There was a time, well, a few million years ago, you would have been laughed off the face of the earth or worse, hung by your ‘you know what’ from the nearest yardarm if you thought so !

Today it has been fairly well proven that cables do contribute to the sonic characteristics of an audio or video system not just through speaker cables or interconnects but through mains power cable as well.
The Chunky, Top-end Chord Sarum

Britain’s The Chord Company, a reputable manufacturer of cables with more than 20 years of acquired knowhow in cable design and manufactures makes a dizzying selection of cable, including some mains power cords.

Top the range is its Chord Sarum which feature a unique design foil braid shielding of silver plated, precision finished conductors insulated by Chord’s proprietary Foamed Teflon insulation jacket. Plugs are in IEC standard with either 13 amp, Euro or U.S style connector plugs.

Superbly made, the Chord Sarum retails for RM8,600 for a standard 2 metre length model and is intended for use in high performance, high end audio and AV systems.

For audio and videophiles with a less ambitious budget Chord also offer the Power Chord with similar plug configuration options, high purity copper conductors and high density vibrations damping outer jacket. The Power Chord retails for RM1,000.

The Tamer Power Chord
The Chord Company claims that both the power chords are designed to effect different levels of sonic and visual benefits but will assuredly return a significantly increased level of transparency and detail with improved dynamics and definition.

Check out the extensive Chord cable range of Wo Kee Kong Electronic’s booth at room Mayang 1 Lower Level Three, JW Marriott Hotel, KL International AV Show 2012, July 20 – 22.

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